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Parent Academy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the African American Community (AAC) Parent Academy?

The African American Community Roundtable (AACR) of Howard County has partnered with the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) and its Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP) to launch the 1st African American Community Parent Academy in Howard County, MD. The purpose is to be a delivery system that helps African American parents and parents/care givers of African American children gain the skills and tools required to be inspirational advocates for their children’s academic, social and emotional well being during their educational process. This will assist their children in being “college ready” and succeeding at school and in life.

Why have the AAC Parent Academy?

The AAC Parent Academy was formed in response to requests from parents of African American children and the African American community for additional information, tools, resources, and support to assist in closing the achievement gaps in the HCPSS.

What will you learn at the AAC Parent Academy?

  • Seminars and resources provide parents and caregivers with tools:

  • To promote African American students’ academic achievement and navigate the HCPSS.

  • To more effectively enhance their parenting, advocacy, and leadership skills.

How will the AAC Parent Academy offer instruction?

  • The AAC Parent Academy will offer instruction using a combination of techniques:

  • Interactive sessions with live speakers, including group panels

  • Webinars with speakers leading online sessions and taking questions and input from participants

  • Websites featuring articles for review, and objectives, goals and questions to guide parents through materials.

What are some of the topic areas that will be covered by the AAC Parent Academy?

The AAC Parent Academy has developed a series of informational modules for parents with children in elementary, middle and high school. Topics areas include:

  • Understanding what your child will learn

  • Understanding how your child will be assessed

  • Conducting successful Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Understanding the New Common Core State Standards

  • Navigating the School System

  • Supporting Academic Growth Over the Summer Break, etc.


What will you receive from each AAC Parent Academy Seminar?

Each seminar will come with a toolkit composed of Next Steps, Opportunities, Resources and Information that can be referenced by parents and available online any time.

Who will teach seminars offered by the AAC Parent Academy?

The AAC Parent Academy will utilize speakers from the community, the HCPSS and subject matter experts on topics of interest.

When and where will the AAC Parent Academy offer instruction to participants?

The first session for the AAC Parent Academy is in March 2015.  For the first year, information will be presented on Saturdays at the Black Student Achievement Program Saturday Math Academy (BSAP-SMA); a large population of potential participants currently attends the BSAP-SMA information sessions. Instruction given in person at the AAC Parent Academy will also be available online and on demand. In the near future, there is expectation of expansion to other locations in the community where information will be available to many more parents and families.

Will childcare be offered?

 Childcare will be provided for children ages 4-12 years of age. Children 13 and over may attend seminars if accompanied by an adult.

How will the AAC Parent Academy operate?

Initially, the AAC Parent Academy will provide instructional sessions and toolkits (opportunities, resources and information) on various topics for those interested in advocating for African American students.  Family and community members who cannot attend the sessions in person will have the ability to view the materials and resources presented online. 


In addition, the AAC Parent Academy Team will focus on how to close the achievement gaps between African American students and other student groups. This will require many different outreach mechanisms to meet the needs of our target audience. It is also our goal to make resources and instructional materials available to parents without access to the Internet.

How long will each AAC Parent Academy Seminar last?

Seminars will take place on Saturday mornings and last for approximately 60 to 90 minutes, which includes instruction time and a Q & A session.Seminars will take place on Saturday mornings and last for approximately 60 to 90 minutes, which includes instruction time and a Q & A session.

How do I register for an AAC Parent Academy Seminar?

  • Register by phone by calling the BSAP office, 410-313-1598

  • Register onsite the day of the class. Upon arrival complete the registration form.

  • When a seminar is scheduled, register for the next upcoming session online by clicking here.

Is there a fee for each AAC Parent Academy Seminar?

Seminars are free with invaluable information.



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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Session 4: 504/IEP Process

African American Community Roundtable & Howard County Public School System

Understand the process and the rights of the students and parents when a 504/IEP has been defined.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spring Session 5: Social/Emotional Development & Dating Dangers

African American Community Roundtable & Howard County Public School System

Parents: Discuss challenges our students face which impacts their performance academically and in life. 


Students: Discuss signs of unhealthy relationships and what can be done.

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